Friday, January 13, 2012

Let Us Show Our Support To Walgreens

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Walgreens has been my family's pharmacy for many years.  As the largest chain of drug stores in the country, it is very convenient to get our medication from Walgreens.  Anywhere you are in the country, there is always a Walgreens near you.  Honestly, I think everything is purely business.  With the Walgreens and Express Scripts rift, I think Express Scripts failed to consider the welfare of the majority.  Everyone should have access to health services and choosing the pharmacy that gives us the benefits we expect should be a major factor to consider.  
Those who are under Express Scripts have no choice but to find another pharmacy just to enjoy the benefits they get from in-network pharmacy.  Customers could choose to remain with Walgreens for a higher medication prescription costs.  Members of the Express Scripts plan who have been using Walgreens are most affected especially those under Tricare - the military personnel involving a great number of members.  Instead of supporting the troops who are serving our country, ending the ties with Walgreens is making the life of the troops more difficult.
Despite what happened, Walgreens continues to pursue its commitment to help its members especially those greatly affected by this breakup through the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.  It offers special discounts on annual membership for its Prescription Saving Club.  With an annual membership free of $5 for individuals and $10 for family, members would enjoy great savings on more than 8,000 drugs.  The regular annual membership fee is $20 and $35 for individual and family membership, respectively.
People could show their support to Walgreens in any way they could.  Media is a powerful tool that could help us express how we feel about this situation.  Like Walgreens on Facebook to learn about what's new at Walgreens.  Another way of showing support is to follow Walgreens on Twitter.  If we all do these together, we will make a big difference! 

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