Friday, May 4, 2012

The Best Investment I Found So Far!

I have been scammed before - many times in different sites online and it made me feel so paranoid in signing up with so-called earning sites.  Recently, I found a site that does not need a big investment.  For only $1.34 per share, you can practically see your money grows per hour, per day, depending on how many people invest and how much investment they put in.

I first bought 8 shares and paid a total of $10.42.  After 3 days, i earned whatever i put in so i immediately cashed it out.  I did not want to lose so i made sure i take what i put there first before i invest more.  After getting paid in paypal, whatever i earned after that was reinvested.  From the 8 shares, i now have 12 shares.  If ever this site will suddenly disappear, i am already safe as  i will not lose a penny which is really great.  See how my earrnings grow!

Position Details

#PaymentModeAmount InvestedEarningPurchased Date
1alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:22
2alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:23
3alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:23
4alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:23
5alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:24
6alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:24
7alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:25
8alertpay:$1.34$1.992012-04-29 13:46:25
9Account Earnings$1.34$0.462012-05-03 19:03:48
10Account Earnings$1.34$0.202012-05-04 07:00:51
11Account Earnings$1.34$0.192012-05-04 07:04:34
12Account Earnings$1.34$0.092012-05-04 13:18:58

Total Shares Purchased: $16.08
Total Profit from shares: $16.86

If you have at least $1.34 to spare, try this out! Just click the image below:

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