Monday, May 14, 2012

The Four Fatal Gaps Every Business Should Know

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Doing any business online always comes with risks.  We are always concerned about hackers, loss of data, identify thief, to name a few, but do your know that a lot of these has to do with how we secure our data?  Understanding these risks and knowing how to handle them is what we need to keep our data secure.  
To address these concerns, CDW has been developing technology products and services designed for business, government and education.  They have a pool of experts that also provide ideas, support, and advice on your IT issues and concerns.  It has identified 4 Fatal Gaps that we should be aware of and these are:
Threat Management - Being aware of possible threats against your data, devices and network by knowing what to do in case attacks happen.  Remember, as you learn about preventive or remedial ways against these threats, threats continue to occur in any form so be prepared.
Mobility and Always On Security - The use of mobile devices increases the risks one has to seriously take.  Having remote access is very convenient but most of us fail to realize how much risks it brings.  Mobile devices and even laptops are easily stolen so you have to make sure you use security measures to avoid compromising your date in case it happens.  
Data Loss Prevention - To prevent loss or leakage of data, close monitoring of data is important not only incoming but also outgoing data.  Always save your data and maintain a secure backup because loss of data could possibly cost you a lot.
Cloud Security - As you try to secure your data through cloud storage, it has become a challenge to maintain cloud security as they grow in numbers which means there are more and more clouds that you interface with.  Cloud security should not be taken for granted.
Among these fatal gaps mentioned, I was more concerned about mobility and always on security because I transact more through my mobile phone and never really thought about its security.  I'm sure most of us do not realize this.  Learn more about the fatal gaps at and better yet, sign up for the free exclusive resource for the four internal threats.  There are risks but CDW helps us minimize these risks.  Before you go, watch the video on the 4 Fatal Gaps below.

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