Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tripplebux is paying....... so far!

Paid to Click (PTC) sites, like HYIPs come and go.  First they pay then later they suddenly disappear. This PTC called Tripplebux is still paying.  It pays $.25 for every ad you click and $.25 for every ad your referrals click.  Right now, they give you a premium status right after you sign up but i am not sure until when this promo ends.  As soon as you signed up and get a free premium status for a month, you also start earning.  

Here is the catch though, you cannot request payout until you invest a minimum of $5, which you can add to your funds and can be used to rent referrals just like what i did.  I invested $10 from my paypal account then used some of it to rent nine referrals.  after almost a week, i noticed only five of them have been clicking ads so i decided to recycle the four and so far, only one has not clicked any ads.

The first day that i signed up and invested, i already earned more than what i have invested but i cannot request payout for the whole amount that i earned because as a premium member, i can only cash out a minimum of $5 and a maximum of 110% of my investment which is $11 of $10 that i invested.  Also i can only cash out every 10 days so i still have to wait few more days to ask for another payout.  I am thinking that before doing that, i may have to upgrade so i could ask for a bigger amount.    If you guys want to try it, just click the image below and start earning! 


Anonymous said...

can I ask you something? ive been upgrade thru payza to premium and my investment is still $0.00 so I cant request for payout. why is that so? how can I get my money? thanks and waiting for your response.. aiza

Anonymous said...

is this even true? i have been trying to request for a payout but it seems that it can't.

Tess said...

I think this site has turned into a big scam! I was paid quick the first time but on November 7th, i requested for another payment but had to upgrade first to ultimate so i could get a bigger amount but i haven't got paid for that. I stopped clicking because it is useless for me to keep on clicking and earning money when i could not cash it out anyway. I hope you did not invest huge money on it because today the site is down and i am afraid it has turned into a scam.