Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tripplebux has turned into a scam!

I requested my second payment on the 7th of this month after i upgraded to ultimate membership but i never got paid for it.  I have already huge earnings there by just clicking ads but i think it is useless to keep on clicking when i cannot cash out the whole amount anyway so i decided to quit clicking.  I don't know if those VIP payments are real, who knows! My rented referrals suddenly reduced from 9 to 6 and i complained about that.  They gave me $30 in my purchase balance but what for?  I could not even cash it out and there are no available referrals for rent so it just stays there useless!  I also cannot see the need to rent more referrals because as i said, you cannot cash out the whole amount.  You can only cash out a little more than what you have invested, if they even pay you.  It is a scam!  Do not invest!

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