Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reviewing my sites ....

The past days, I got the chance to review the sites where I have signed up with the past year and i could not believe I got a long list.  The sad thing is:  most of these sites turned out to be a scam after all.  I have invested money on some sites but never got my money back.

It is good that I was careful not to invest a lot of money but I guess that was due to my lack of money to invest.  Not having enough has saved me in a way from getting ripped big time.  But the time that i have invested on these sites i would say could be just part of a bad experience that I hope i would learn a lesson from.

Now, I ignore invites of these tempting sites because even if they do pay at the start, as soon as they get more members, they will suddenly disappear.  So, now, i am no longer interested in those investment sites although i got at least two that I am hoping would still pay me, keeping my fingers crossed.

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