Sunday, April 7, 2013

I got finally paid by profitclicking ...

As I have almost confirmed my doubts that Profitclicking is such a big scam site, after making multiple attempts on withdrawing my money but failed many times, I am happy to inform you guys who are with Profitclicking that it is, after all a legit site.

I finally was able to withdraw successfully and got my money back and then some.  I invested $70 on this site and all i wanted was to get it back.  Members are allowed to withdraw only $100 per day and so I did but after the deductions, i got a net of i think $92.  It just really needs lots and lots of patience to be able to make withdrawals.

You have to watch the basket to turn green and catch it as quickly as you can.  I was on queue for like three times and ended up cancelling it because it was already taking more than two months and i did not see hope there and decided to just do the quicker way which was not really quick.  It needs luck too and being there at the right time.

So  for those with Profitclicking, just keep on trying and do not lose hope! But honestly, i am not planning on investing on it anymore.  I still have active ads there and that is what i am trying to reinvest but no more new investments from me, i guess!

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