Monday, August 9, 2010

Got paid by blogvertise!

I happened to check my paypal account and was surprised to see $30 there when i was expecting this account has been empty for a long time.  I checked where it came from and found out it was from Blogvertise, yiheyyyy! I guess my blogging is starting to pay off again.  I am so happy about blogvertise these days.  Since I started doing some tasks with this site a month ago, i am getting considerable amount of paid opps every week.  I get one from grab bag everyday and that is even enough for me.  I am quite contented with that.  This is my most favorite paid blogging site so far.  They don't give the bloggers a hard time even if we get rejected, they allow you to edit your posts and submit it again.  It doesn't take long for them to approve your posts as long as you follow the instructions of the advertisers.  Thanks a lot blogvertise!

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