Friday, September 24, 2010

Are you in Facebook?

I bet you are in Facebook just like most of us. If you are in Facebook or any other social networking sites, then you know how it works. I ask you this because I just found a social networking site that works like Facebook but the difference is: you earn points for every activity you do. I am referring to the site called Sidetick! At Sidetick, you can convert to cash the points the you earn and could request for payment once you earn $25. A 2000 points is equivalent to $1. You get paid $1 for every friend you invite and signs up with Sidetick. You can easily earn $15 every month just by clicking on the link that you will get in your email daily. Just by clicking the link, you earn 500 points. Then after that, you check your messages after logging in to the site, read Jenny Stein's blog for the day and comment on it and by doing so, you earn another 500 points.

But just last Monday, members who want to earn on this, are required to complete or do two surveys a week. Make sure you respond to the daily email from Sidetick before midnight otherwise you don't earn for that day.
I just recently signed up so I don't have enough earnings yet to get paid but I saw a lot of payment proofs already that's why I decided to sign up. If you are interested, check it out! Just click the image below!

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