Thursday, April 21, 2011

Austin's First Cyberbully Awareness Day

With the easy access to internet nowadays, it is a big challenge for parents to monitor the activities of their kids while online.  Just like in schools, kids could also experience bullying online.  Internet bullying is real.  In fact, a survey by i-Safe shows that 42 percent of kids have been bullied while online.  Most of us are aware but only few realize the seriousness of this problem.  There have been cases about kids who have committed suicide as a result of internet bullying.  This is alarming especially for parents.

In recognition of the importance to address this issue, the Anderson High School hosted on Sunday the first Austin Cyberbully Awareness Day to closely examine the dangers of Internet bullying.  The conference was attended by a panel composed of teachers, law enforcers, religious leaders and school officials who put their efforts together in the hope to find solutions to internet bullying.  Everyone should support this endeavour.

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