Friday, December 2, 2011

Tip in blogging...

When you are into paid blogging, don't be a slacker like me.  Do not wait for the last minute to write and submit your post because when one is in a hurry to write, there is a big tendency for mistakes.  If you submit a task at the last minute and you need to revise it or edit it, you can no longer do it because it has already expired by the time the advertiser reviews it.  It happened to me twice and I learned my lesson.  Now, when i do a task at the 11th hour, i make sure i have checked all the anchor texts and links are correct before the advertiser gets the time to review it.   If ever you did a task that has expired, just delete it off your blog and save it somewhere because those tasks may come back so you can still use it if you get a chance to grab it. 

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